Warehouse Locator

This program for a large East Coast food distributor maintains the inventory in a food warehouse with daily movement of product for all items. The production of barcode labels are printed for product being off loaded from trucks with a bin number to ensure that product is placed within the correct location. Let down logic is included to automatically replenish inventory when product is picked for supermarkets. A tight inventory control is maintained to not only ensure that product is available for distribution, but to present a physical status of any product at any point in time to resolve emergency problems when items are misplaced. The dynamic nature of this program, using remotely transmitting devices to transfer real time data, ensures that warehouse usage is maximized and anomalies are corrected in a timely manner.  The accuracy of this system is its greatest assets. Systems costing $100,000’s could not compete with this significantly lower cost version. Over 50,000 cases are moved per day in this perishable warehouse with a loss of less than 6 per week. In addition, spoilage was eliminated as a result of rotational algorithm employed to correctly move the stock. The customer service level never fell below 99% and on most days obtained that elusive 100% that most warehouses can only hope to attain.