Founded in 1988, Advanced Logical Solutions was incorporated in 1993.

Through the years, Advanced Logical Solutions has had numerous working relationships with various other consulting firms and individual consultants. This included sub contracting out projects when either the work demand is overwhelming or additional expertise is required. Also, Advanced Logical Solutions has received work when our specific qualifications fulfill a need.

Advanced Logical Solutions is specifically proud of the fact that no monetary compensation has ever been received when projects have been given to associates. Adhering to the principle that the customer’s needs take precedence, all parties involved are well served by these recommendations.

Also, a decision to build a client base during the early years has served Advanced Logical Solutions well. Placement firms have never been employed to obtain projects.

By delivering professional systems in a timely manner and always being cognizant of budget constraints, a situation has never arisen whereby a client’s satisfaction has not been attained. As long as we never “Lose Site of the User”, Advanced Logical Solutions expects another 25 years of success.