Investment Management Reporting And Analysis

This program produces sophisticated reports using involved financial calculations for gross, net, income and expense returns, as well as market valuations and benchmark comparisons. Numerous control reports are available to ensure that data variations are within predefined limits. In addition, internal rate of returns and comparisons against other reporting systems have been included to highlight any anomalies. Data originates from numerous external departments using a wide array of other programs and is seamlessly imported into tables through an import module. Supplemental data entry can also be manually accomplished by the user. Allocation of expenses and other behind the scenes functions is being performed by the system to further normalize all data elements. Since the reporting requirements are continually being altered due to changes in the business rules, all report specifications are table driven. This structure will afford the system the flexibility of eliminating programming modifications when new requirements are introduced into the report formats. A supplemental GUI interface is attached to present in a simplified manner to the user a means for redefining these reporting needs. MS Access provides the interface to the user while Sybase is utilized as the backend database engine. Visual Basic along with various API calls are used to code this program. A complete security feature is an integral part of this client/server application. This includes the limiting of report specification definitions to only those with the highest access rights. This system also takes advantage of the security features that are inherent to Sybase and employs stored procedures for all data changes. This multi user system accommodates all current demands without any degradation of execution speed.