Fund Administration & Statistics

With an overwhelming number of international funds to administer, this system exists as a repository of details concerning the specifics of these remotely managed fund for one of the largest investment banking companies. This includes advisory, transfer agent, custodian, management, administrative and auditing firms that are associated with these funds. In addition, categorization of the fund types (i.e. market exposure, investment objectives, business target, domicile, etc) are maintained using prescribed values. Reporting involves the generation of fund profile sheets and statistical calculations based on composition and yearly comparisons. The hard copy output produced is of professional quality and is directly employed in the publication of portfolio booklets. The addition of graphs, pie charts, scatter plots and associated annotation tables result in a very complete output that can be easily interpolated. The ability to query this database in an unlimited number of ways has become an invaluable tool to the end user in answering ad hoc requests from numerous divisions of this company.