Equity Security Trading System

This multi user program has become a core business system in managing a number of large portfolios for a major reinsurance company. This operates under an NT Network employing Access as the front end with extensive VB coding. Orders are initiated from a number of scenarios, such as distributing dollar contributions or withdrawals over the current holdings, trimming the securities percent at the portfolio level, or establishing new positions. Share amounts and dollar flows are computed and detailed reports are generated to reconcile figures to ensure that correctness of orders. Once trade amounts are determined, an allocation across brokers is performed and instruction letters created and either sent using electronic faxing or e-mail or transmitted directly to Bloomberg employing the multiple order execution screens or displayed via a hard copy report. Executions are recorded either manually or from a Bloomberg download. An accounting of outstanding trade amounts and the ability to either close orders or consolidate into existing orders is available. The system will automatically allocate trades at the portfolio level as trades are completed and confirmation letters generated as needed. A high level of sophistication is an integral part of this system. The manner in which Bloomberg data is seamlessly integrated into this database permits real time data updates, comparison against VWAP numbers and a dynamic calculation of market values. This is all accomplished employing RTList, a DLL that together with Bloomberg API, extracts out required information. Other items to note is the automatic electronic transference of trade data to a Record Keeping firm, the various reports and graphs to measure broker performance and the generation of SEC required outputs. A number of integrity checks have been incorporated to ensure that portfolio weightings are not violated, market capitalizations minimums are attained and correct ticker symbols/commission amounts exist. Lastly, the ability to edit cash positions and the generation of cash reports guarantees that cognizant personnel are aware of daily dollar requirements.